Turtle Large Earrings


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The ancient and majestic, Leatherback sea turtle was the inspiration behind our new Turtle Collection.

Even though they are the oldest sea turtles with fossil records dating back more than 100 million years their population is rapidly declining.

The idea for the Turtle collection came from conversations rooted in a desire to make a difference through environmental action to help conserve and protect these beautiful creatures. 

Because leatherbacks are endangered, meaning they are or will soon be seriously at risk of extinction, it is critical to bring awareness and conserve habitats that they can nest in, like those that SEA and others manage, right here on St. Croix!

By purchasing an item from the Turtle collection, a portion of sales will support sea turtle conservation through the St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA).


For more information on the St. Croix Environmental Association and some of the great work that they do, click here: SEA: https://www.stxenvironmental.org

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