Crucian Gold

Crucian Gold is the artist jewelry studio of the Bishop family, located on the Caribbean Island of St. Croix, in the U. S. Virgin Islands. The Caribbean is a place of wondrous sites, luscious smells and tastes, and enchanting beauty.

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Clear your path!
Friendship knot butterfly sugar mill love knot
Ah taste ah home 💕
chaney link
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Two tone is my favorite and I have a custom teardrop two tone that was made and I love it !
I received this incredible necklace for Christmas. I never wear jewelry and I can't take it off. It's absolutely stunning. Looks incredible and can't wait to
Crucian Gold love knot  and Sonya hook
My beautiful butterfly 🦋 and lucky horseshoe
The Butterfly and the Horseshoe
Sterling silver stacking rings
Henna goes great with Crucian Gold
Love them
Crucian gold silver anklet loaded with all the assorted charms available  in 2018.
Birthday girl wearing the Honeycomb Design #LoveCrucianGold #Feelthelove
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Got all but the hook at Crucian Gold! Love my bracelets (and so do my friends and family!)
Afro Caribbean soul
Crucian Knot
My custom made ring
this is my collection so far of two tone. I had yall customize me the teardrop bracelet and i love it!
Beautiful crucian gold on fingers and hand
VI reggae artist
Shard Sterling Silver Drop Earrings (large) and 16in necklace
Out at dinner
Married to a Crucian woman. 🥰 9th year anniversary…
Queen Mary Fire burn
Sterling Silver Infinity Chain  with Chaney pendant
I love the bracelets purchased 8 in the days!  I’m coming back for more.
Fire Ring
Infinity necklace
Crucian knot my favorite thing on my wrist
Feeling kinda blue
My fire and  knot collection!
Fire bracelet
infinity chain and butterfly charm! I love it!!
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Love my Crucian Gold!
The Crucian Knot, I absolutely love .
Wrist Game
Beautiful knot ring
Forest green teal blue star print Chainey /big hoop earrings
#FeelingTheLoveWorldwide  #CrucianGold #Boston
Xmas and Crucian Gold
customer photo of Crucian Gold
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Crucian gold love
Feel the loving energyyyyy
Love those bracelets
Cruciangold for my princess Leila .
My first cruciangold bracelet
Gold Flower stud & gold Crucian Knot stud
Anchor ring and bracelet & heart and knot bracelet
Im feeling the love🥰
Feel the love
customer photo of Crucian Gold
#feelingtheloveworldwide #cruciangold
Crucian attitude!!
Love my butterfly
I am naked unless I'm wearing my love knot.
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Kittie_kidjoboutik follow my IG 🤎
Feel the love 🥴
Mommy / Daughter matching bracelets
Promise I don’t cut !!
Machete x Infinity
customer photo of Crucian Gold
customer photo of Crucian Gold
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Under the sea 🌊 with my crucian gold!
My 18th year wedding anniversary ring💞
Chain and pendant
My very first Crucian Gold Purchased
Honeycomb charm on an Infinity chain!
Sailor shackle
Heart bracket
Infinity always on. Part of work attire.
Love their jewelry
Sexy earrings
I have so many pieces I don’t know what to choice but just like the shard necklace Crucian Golds hold piece of my heart.
Love my puzzle. The water is one of my favs. I have so many pieces I can’t choose.
Flower of life pendant and chain
From bottom to top: Turtle, machete, heart, and butterfly bracelets
Crucian Gold Bracelet with charms
Flower earrings in St. Augustine
Ring & studs.
Crucian Gold for deh WIN!!
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Charm bracelet
Charm bracelet
charm bracelet
Crucian gold charm bracelet
Beautiful bracelet and knot ring
Check her rocking her crucian bracelets and necklace.. One Love 💕
Infinity and beyond
Crucian Lady
I am naked unless I'm wearing my love knot.
Shards on my neck , charms on my hands
Starting my collection
Featured are some of my favorite pieces produced my crucian gold!
Cocktails ft. my sterling silver wide band ring from Crucian Gold
Gypsy copper Lady
Crucian knot Earring
Love knot heavy sterling silver handchain, flower of life
Mocko Jumbie
Cruzan Gold earrings my favorite!
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Silver Infintity necklace & Blue Chaney & Machete pendant
Crucian bracelets
Flower of life
My precious baby girl
Twisted Gold Cuff, Gold Charm bracelet with several charms, Gold Crucian knot bracelet,  Silver Friendship ring.
Fya and coffee
Flower of Life Classic Bracelet
Crucian Gold at its best😊
Chard Earrings
Chard Earrings
Bracelet appreciation post ❤️
Some of my collection 🤗
Im jus addicted 2 crucian Gold😍
The best go with everything earrings 🥰
My first crucian knot 🥰
Feeling The Love
I love me som crucian gold😍
Rocking my Anchor Set
The different styles to love of Crucian Gold!!
customer photo of Crucian Gold
Chaney pendant
Stacks ♥️
Seashore crabs
Ring and bracelet
My collection of the Ank
Square circle earings
Jewelry photo
Christmas Giveaway
butterfly ring, etc.
My first piece the butterfly
Crucian hands
Silver Lover
Friendship knot bracelet and ring
Crucian everyday
Heart bracelet
Featuring Sterling Silver Fire Classic, Crucian Knot and Classic Bracelets along with the Crucian Knot Drop Pendant
Crucian Gold, number 1
Infinity Flower
100% Crucian
Flower Braclet/Ring/Charm
All ready to celebrate in my Crucian Gold !
customer photo of Crucian Gold
customer photo of Crucian Gold