The ancient and majestic, Leatherback Sea turtle was the inspiration behind Crucian Gold’s new Turtle Collection.

Some notable facts about Leatherback sea turtles:

  • Leatherback turtles are the oldest sea turtle, having survived for more than 100 million years
  • They are the largest sea turtle, growing up to 7 feet long and can exceed 2,000 pounds
  • The leatherback is the only sea turtle that lacks a hard shell, their carapace is flexible and rubbery
  • They can dive to depths of 4,200 feet—deeper than any other turtle—and can stay down for up to 85 minutes.

Even though they are the oldest sea turtles with fossil records dating back more than 100 million years their population is rapidly declining.

By purchasing an item from the Turtle collection, a portion of sales will support sea turtle conservation through the St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA).

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