Classic Blue Willow Pattern

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Posted on April 23 2020

Classic Blue Willow Pattern


The Blue Willow design is one of the most popular and recognizable patterns of all time. Although the pattern has a Chinese look it was originally created in England in 1780 and has since been produced all over the world and is still being produced today.

Blue Willow is one of the first patterns that used a printing technique called Transfer. Transferware as it is known today is a process involving an engraved copper plate that is then used to print onto paper, which is then transferred by pressing it into the ceramic piece before glazing.

Many designers have mimicked the look of the Blue Willow pattern, however, a truly authentic piece must contain all of the following items:

Blue Willow Detail
  1. Willow Trees
  2. Chinese pine trees
  3. Bridge with 3 men
  4. Fence
  5. Boat
  6. Pagoda
  7. Two Birds in flight



There have been many stories, poems and even an opera written based on the elements of the original design.

Old poem from late nineteenth century Shropshire

Two swallows flying high,
A little boat passing by,
A little bridge, with willows over,
Three men going to Dover,
Now Dover church stands very bare,
Twice a week they worship there,
A little tree with apples on,
And plaited palings in the sun

Although most refer to the Willow pattern as Blue Willow it was also created in various other colors such as red and brown and even multicolored. 

Its no wonder this blue pattern is the most popular one seen in Chaney today.

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Blue Willow pattern with pottery shards

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